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It's a pity that Blogger doesn't have a mobile app (like Wordpress) that would allow you to easily publish a blog post from a mobile device. The only option I got, is by sending an email to a unique email ID. That should explain the signature at the end of this blog post.

I know it's been a while that we all have been blaming each other for putting up a post on this blog. But has any one noticed that people aren't too keen to even comment on the blog posts? We don't even end up having long conversations that we used to do, before.

Time, they say, is a valuable commodity. And not many will understand the validity of that statement more than The Wall Mag. Frankly, I am surprised even by the fact that the birthday posts haven't stopped yet! What's the secret behind its secret? Our love for each other? Or does that gives us an excuse to convince ourselves that the blog is actually active? In the last post, Sakshi tried her best to congratulate Mainak and Dip, and I am not 100% sure whether they will even acknowledge it!

No, I am not a regular either. And I admit, I at least follow every single blog post and their comments because they get automatically pushed into my inbox. Had I had the scope of commenting from my inbox itself, probably I'd surely have done that. Sadly, I don't.

I am not sure why I ended up writing this. Probably I am upset. I am frustrated. And extremely irritated to witness everyone coaxing the other to write. I won't mince my words. But I am especially upset at Mann 'coz, thanks to Raj's figures, he was one of those most vocal in egging others to write, while his own count was a perfect zero!

I know, it's a community effort. I understand that this job of name-calling is a no-gooder. And yet, I could find no better avenue to vent myself out. I have made enough enemies in my life, and might end up making a few more out of the only ones who are my closest. And yet, I couldn't stop myself from calling a spade, a spade.

And I keep wondering, what might be the name of the game we are playing, out here?


Shayon Pal
Mob: +91 99589 46497


raj alakshendra said…

Welcome back to this virtual world of friendship ...
n i am also waiting for the day when there would be an application to put up a post directly from moblie ...
@ Shayon,
So nice to hear your voice (via the internet). I can actually hear your voice reciting the letter! Ha ha ha ha ha!
That's goof news I guess- that I haven't forgotten what you'll sound like!

@ All,
This is a true egjample of PKP!

Anonymous said…
this is a no. of a girl who is disturbing me from 1 month. she use to give me atleast 50 black calls a day...
he guys i req u to circulate her no. so that she can also face the same problem what i am facing bcoz of her...
aur agar pata chale kaun plz mujhe bhi batna :)

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