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Whats up with my life !!

Hello All.. I just logged in to write this post and was under the impression that Rathz's post would be on the front page, but happy to see that there are quite a few posts from some of the other guys .I know I dont have the right to make such a comment considering that my own record is pathetic here. I always read the blogs and after reading them I get the feeling that my story is gonna be boring (and of course the laziness in me too is a culprit).
Its been more than a year since I wrote a post and the last time when I did that I was in another company and a different place, so I think its better for me to tell you bout whats been happening in my life since then. I was working in CSC and left the company last October(the same company where mannu was working earlier, but he left a year earlier). I enjoyed my stay in CSC, but the work got a bit too boring there and I did not see any growth there professionally, and the other thing was of course the urge to go back to banaglore after spending almost 7 years in North India. So finally I managed to clear the interviews in IBM and was all set to join IBM Bangalore when I got an offer from a Singapore based company for some work in Malaysia, although money was a deciding factor , the fact that I was getting to see and work in a new place was biggest reason why I took the job here. The company which recruited me was a resourcing company and I am fianlly working for IBM Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur). So thats where I am for the last 4 months.

In retrospect, I think my move from CSC was a good decision decision( CSC was sending me back to uk but I did not fancy it much coz I had already been there before) although I had a decent reputation there I thought staying there would have made me go crazy, way too much of internal politics and in a big company there are lots and lots of people around you who keep on cribbing about all sort of things. ( I am not sure if thats a problem in other places as well). Moreover I think its always good for an individual to change his job when he stops enjoying the work.
Having worked in in UK, Indian and Malaysia one of the diffrences I notice is that the people in UK are very polite( I too did not think so initally), I agree that some poeple are a bit anti Indian (walking along a road I have been called paki a couple of times )but at least when you are talking to them one to one, they exhibit a prefect gentlemanly behaviour. The problem with most of the people with whom I worked in India was that they were all competing against each other rather than concentrating on the work, they simply try so hard to show off that they are better than someone else, I mean even the manager tires hard to push you down if he noticed that you were doing a great job(not that I ever did a great job ;-) ). And the pople here in Malasyia(Malaysia has a significant proporation of people from Indian and Chinese origin), its quite hard working with them coz you barely manage to understand what they were speaking, I find it so hard to understand their accent and they too cant undersatnd what I speak, but otherwise they are pretty relaxed, they try to finish their job and get home early. The Software indsutry here is pretty naive. In my last project the requirement spceification was done after the whole project was executed.. lol. Thats the way things are here. Apart from all of this,I have been travelling a bit recently, had been to singapore, and few places here in Malaysia. The place here reminds me of Kerela and the tropical climate here keeps the weather humid all thoughout the year(although the temperature is fine)
Thats all from my end guys, Will try to make up for the lack of posts by writing more frequently now onwards (dont want to quantify that frequency though :) ).
Cheers Take care


Sakshi said…
Wow man!! Awesome to have read that :)
What a surprise to hear that you're in Kuala Lumpur. It's absolutely fantastic that you took the decision to not to go to UK and rather try some new place. I think that travelling and exploring new places, cultures and people is possibly one of the biggest joys in life. Now with the kind of cross country and cross cultural experience you possess,you're all set for a great career ahead. Now you should forget about going to indian business schools. I think going to INSEAD/LBS would make more sense for you, if you want to do an MBA.
Anyway, nice to hear from you! :)
raj alakshendra said…
wow .... it was a surprise post ...
would like to hear more frm ur side ...hey tel us abt some interesting incidents ....
wht abt the female beauty out there ???
shastha said…
@Mannu- Thanks for the compliments dude.. One of our common goals doing an MBA from a reputed institue.. I think I am off the race.. After 2009 Cat I realized that I could have a better life without an MBA.. Do I sound like a loser .. but the truth is I aint one.. I really am enjoying my life much more than how much I used to enjoy it earlier on.. How are things at ur end man.. no posts from you for a long long time.. ?

@Raj -Dukhti rag pe haath daal di.. Ladkiyon ke maamley mein abhi bhi NIT JSR ka student kehela sakta hoon .. No luck and no attempts either. I soemhow manage to stay away from the fairer sex.. but you never know :) ..
I'm also off the MBA race,dude!Just to give you a hint, I have started my own venture. Would have loved to give more details but since I am still doing a day job(which I don't wanna quit as long as the work remains as little as it has been for the last few months and the leaves remain as high as 12-14 days in a month and the manager remains the current guy who's absolutely fantastic), I can't reveal more details.Come to think of why I was intent on doing an MBA, I could figure two reasons behind that madness - money and title. Money now doesn't remain that big a concern as being in the first year of operation,I'm earning more than what I could have probably earned on graduating from one of the IIMs, and titles for obvious reaons are no more any fascination. Sometimes I do get a little anxious to show to the world that I have arrived as people keep on asking the same questions on facebook and even flaunting it that I am the owner of a profitable company just at the age of 25(pardon me if I sounded haughty but I am just a mere mortal with vices),but I think I have learnt that when in business you have to see what works the best for you and humility and patience are two very important characteristics which I realize time and again holds an entreprenur in good shape, especially in the initial phase. It's like protecting your baby from the cruel world till the time it becomes a kid. Any wrong step taken in the initial days can make the smooth ride bumpy,so don't wanna take chances.
raj alakshendra said…
just keep on trying for the fairer sex ...

nice words ... liked it ....
ABC said…

hey are you?? It was on my to do list as I couldnt read your post earlier..

glad you shared your experience..Sine now I'm in UK, I may have to contact you for tips & tricks to survive here :)..

I had seen pics of Raajesh's visit to your place..he has been travelling throughout the sub continent..crazy folks in our batch ! :))

Do keep writing..Cheers..

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