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Dear Uncles

This post is dedicated to the newest Uncles, by virtue of being promoted from being the 'Bachelors' to becoming 'Masters' as in getting Married!

Dear Mrs & Mr Mainak,

First, a personal apology from me, because I could not come to any of the four venues! I really wanted to, but I have fallen sick thrice in the span of 8 months of my new job, thus already out of holidays!
But, we hope that the struggle that you two went through for finding each other and then holding on to each other and then finally staring a journey of completely different magnitude was worth all the effort.

I saw the pictures- and the two of you are looking wonderful! Made for each other!

I wish we could solicit some advice to you, you know about the new married life et all, but I would rather that you share with us the newest experience of 'Marriage' to all of us!!! I am sure that there are stories and then there are stories that you would want and even if you don't want, we want to hear!!!!

Here is cheers to your new life! A new journey! :)


Dear Mrs. & Mr. Dipayan Bhowmick,

*Ok don't look so surprised!*

Dipayan got married to his long time sweetheart Sanchari recently... and I have no other details.
But I do want them to be shared with you all and me here- So I hope that we get the story soon!

Here are wishes for the two of you, from the bunch of us:-
You held on through, so long,
a love, that grows strong,
with each passing day,
week, month and year,
we hope that this journey becomes,
filled with more love,
happiness and togetherness!!!

Raj- I saw your pictures at some wedding, you ought to share your experience ASAP, with all of us!! All these wedding posts seem feeka without your interesting inputs!!!

PPS: I am EXTREMELY sorry, I have been having a really hard time at work!
I am going to make out more time for this page! 

And all of you all, how about just two lines about your lives, once a week. We all have hectic schedules, our own friends and families and what not to look after, but if we really want this little space to survive through and through, you all have to shed your laziness!
There is no point talking about how this page is getting dead Rathz, because, someone has to write on it. And you can just about do that?
Mann- Dude, you told me the other day that you have it easy most of the week, why don't you write anymore?
Dion- I have been hearing your busy schedule for the longest time, I am sure you can take out 15 mins to pen down a couple of lines for us.
Shayon- You are lazy beyond description, now you have 3G and a BB Bold 3, and you can post from there- Do that!
Gandhi- Seriously, no new car issues or any issues to talk about?
Samik, Debu, Chiru, Mainak, Shastha and everybody else 'Jaago, grahak Jaago'!!!


raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi
wait for few more days , i am coming up with many posts ....
Mainak said…
Iska Jawaab milega aapko :)
@ Mainak,
I've not seen any pics of the wedding! I do hope you got my wishes (via e-mail!).
E-mail me your ph. no. and I'll call you!

raj alakshendra said…
For God's sake put a post ... U knw just 2 days back shayon questiond if dion has done right to renewing the site for nxt 5 yrs..
We don't need long posts , just fw lines r enough...
I do have a lot to write about and being in the most exciting phase of my life,i would have loved to share a lot of things, but alas till the time I am doing a day job, I'm a little hesitant about divulging or writing anything publicly about what I am doing. In fact, the other day, I had written a long comment here but finally decided not to publish it. I was thinking that maybe I am acting a little paranoid but then thought that it's better to not take any chance.
However, that is no excuse for not writing on anything else but I cannot think about what else to write about when I am not writing on what I want to write about.Kinda paradox.
raj alakshendra said…
last night u told me that u gonna put up a post in next 2 days ... m waiting for that ....

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