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"Hand of God"

People remember Maradona's famous world cup finals goal as Hand of God but today watching sachin i can say that God is having His hand more on Sachin ... I watched him playing today and i cant believe he escaped everything - LBW appeal, Stumping and 4 catches ...
Unfortunately he couldnt get his hundred .. Probably God has left that special moment for the finals ... Btw we are lucky to be born in the genre when sachin is playing .... we would say the stories of his bravery to next generation and some of them wont believe if any cricketing God existed !!!

Watching match today was like so much of fun .... And what to say about facebook updates ... It was like 1.2 billion strong praying from their heart ... I loved it ...

All the best to Indian team for the finals ...


Yesterday,while watching the match,I was as much analyzing how this man is unstoppable! How does he muster up the motivation to continue playing the game for more than 21 years and perform so well inspite of being through lots of injuries, surgeries etc ? I was kind of comparing him with Ganguly who was a commentator in yesterday's match. What makes a man great or for that matter a company or a society great and a lot of lessons from sachin could be applied in different aspects of life!
@ Raj,
Sachin sure had the God behind him. He also had the prayers of over a billion people (that's got to count for something). Imagine the pressure under which he plays! He has the weight of the nation on his shoulders- and yet he performs with aplomb!


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