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Miles to go..

Friends, good news, I'll be flying to UK today. I am very excited about the trip and also very relaxed coz some known faces there. Yes, I'll be catching hold of Karma and make him write some posts. I think we have missed his posts in TWM since he moved there, though there were occasional glimpses in FB.

The plans for Ladakh and Tawang trips with Raj, Rajorshi & Raajesh(H) this year and to Sri Lanka as well, will have to wait. Yes, planmaster has lots of ideas in the kitty !! Last year, made good trips to Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bombay & Goa with these folks.

Aaisha, the Park Street treat now bears fruit..hahaha.

It had been a marriage season and thankfully I could attend Chax big day along with another at Vizag. Sadly, few still will be missed in the next couple of months.

That's all folks. Keep posting and enjoy.



...@ish@... said…
Congratulation ji !!
See i had told you!!
Thats me "lucky charm"
kidding :P
i am really very happy for you.
finally you made it and yeah many more yummy treats awaits buddy !!
Sakshi said…
Damn... you should have called atleast!! But CONGRATS!!! :)
Have loads of fun!!! And we hope to read reports from the land of the Queen!!!
Rathindra said…
@Queens of TWM


Ye was doing lots of things for the trip..have missed few to call before leaving..sorry..

Just reached is thankfully good..sun is shining..hopefully it stays like that..

Oh la la la. Make sure that you do there what I had asked you to .LOL! I'm sure that english women will gaga over you since you can discuss with them possibly on every damn topic. Itna knowledge hone ka kuch toh (mis)use kar! :D
raj alakshendra said…
congrats ....
lets start the world tour now ....

aur wahan pe bhi assamese ladki mat dhoondhne lagna ....

n what mannu has asked u to do ?? disclose it ...

we r waiting for ur artistic pics ...
Hope you've settled down in Leeds by now.
Go for an EPL/CL game on my behalf!
Have fun!

Unknown said…


aa jao tum dono bhi..masti karengey !!

Yes will try to catch a football game..meanwhile taking in the English experience; appreciating the sun and potato..haha..

no wonder 'Here Comes the Sun' was written here !!

Cheers guys.
raj alakshendra said…
hum to masti karenge hi , tu photo kheechna ... ha ha ha ....

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