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Winds of change

All of us must have been, at some time or the other, overwhelmed by the scenes of under-development in our society. It makes us think and react. It angers us to be judgmental of the apathy of governments/departments/offices/agencies. We have conversations to be critical of the situations giving rise to such low points in our society. We argue and debate solutions to the problems, though we may not be experts in the particular domain. The problems may in fact require a common sense solution with guidance from an expert group, isn't it !!

All of us think of ways to get rid of the many problems of our society; be it education, poverty, health, human rights etceteras. When our discussion ends, we move onto the next discussion on some other day about another problem prevalent in our society. This is also an important part of our society, of our democracy. We must be aware of the things happening around us and also question things which are wrong. When we discuss and formulate our raw ideas, the next step can be to implement them to bring about a positive social change.

One of my friends from office (Abhinandan Verma) has been, along with his friends and other collaborators, working for a good cause in Orissa. They have been able to start a school in Kanpur village (Mayurbhanj district) for the kids of economically under-privileged people in the adjoining areas. They have started the team as 'Educate to Empower', (E2E) basically working as 'Educational Consultants'. They collaborate with the donors, other NGOs and the local community to sustain the initiative and provide 'effective and affordable' education to the children.

It is very commendable of their efforts to bring about a good change in our society. You can read more about them from the link below.
Let this post in some way bring to light efforts of the E2E change agents and may be willing agencies/individuals step forward for any assistance or collaboration. Their initiative can also be an excellent example of people like us trying and bringing about winds of change.
Cheers to the E2E folks.


Sakshi said…
Seems, TWM is working hard to make its presence felt in the world through charity in some way or the other!
Great initiative! I have great admiration for people who go out of their ways to do something noble.

Are you planning to attend the Bryan Adams' concert on Feb 15th ?I'll be attending the show,so let me know if you guys are coming.
Sakshi said…
Yup, I think I am, since its been organized by Micromax.. though haven't received my passes as yet... but I am hoping that I will be there... will let you know for sure!

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