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When I escaped death !!!

12th June'13, 10.30 pm : I was driving back from a dinner party at dizzying speeds of around 80 KMPH inside a city. Then in my psychedelic drive (yes I get high without alcohol), I saw a signal square few 100 meters ahead. I decreased the speed (Signals are switched off after 10 pm in Nagpur so exercised caution) to 60 KMPH (I am an engineer and I like my exact figures) but my car jumped off a speed breaker which I could not spot in the city darkness. I thought I controlled my car by the time I reached the signal square but baaaaangggg !!!

Few seconds later - I realized I was still alive!! saved by the airbag. Take a note everybody.

The same day during daytime around 4.30 pm, I was feeling restless with a feeling of fear & anxiety inside me. A friend inquired and I replied back "I can feel something bad is going to happen with me today".

That night I was hit by a speeding car straight (at 90 degrees) on the driver's door. Upon impact of the other car on my door, I lost control and probably in place of putting my feet on brakes, I put it on the accelerator; my car jumped off a pavement bringing down the signal lights pole.

Next I along with my dad and uncle were in police Station feeding them money. In spite of all efforts, a case was registered against me for damaging public property. When I was in a court the next day, I was already famous or rather notorious with the picture of my car and the accident scene in the local newspaper.

My next hearing is tomorrow. So before turning thirty I have got the experience of police and court !!!

My dad did not say a single word to me. He must be thanking God that his eldest son got saved. I must value my life more. My car is in workshop fighting for it's life - yeah that's true, it will need the healing touch of a mechanic. My car saved my life. The Skoda is hell of a strong car. In my brother's words "poorey 10 laakh wasul ho gaye gaddi ke".

Today, after two weeks I sit back writing this post and thanking God again. When I drive now, I get flashback of the accident and the crash sound still rings in my ears sometimes. That makes me a more considerate and alert driver.

Once I had read "if God has saved your life, that means it was worth saving". Cheers to life.


This blogger platform really sucks..I posted a comment and it threw up an error and this happens most of the times here.

Anyway, raj thank god zindagi bach gayi teri..and police waalon ki masti aa gayi..saale esmein mein ghoos kha rahe hain.
...@ish@... said…
Wow that was the escape. I know how it feels as I have been in an accident. Unfortunately my car could not be saved like yours.
Be safe man, life Is very fragile.
Praise God!He saved your life,as He has done mine many times,and children.
SG said…
I appreciate your honesty. I am hearing for the first time in my life that a car accident victim did not put the blame on someone else.

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