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Colours of India & The Colourful Language We Use

White, black, brown, yellow, blue, etc.. These sound more like the colours we use at Holi or for Rangoli. But these are also names that we give to our fellow citizens of the world. In this day and age of globalisation we can’t allow such petty name calling to spoil the greater picture that has to be painted in this masterpiece that is being depicted on a special canvas called ‘life on Earth’.
We Indians are the biggest hypocrites of all. We Indians have at some point in our lives been on both the ends of this pole which has been named ‘Racial Discrimination’. There was this not so recent case of Ms. B (can’t name her, else we’ll probably get sued) crying and all on a TV show in the UK. Till today I haven’t watched that show or that episode in particular, but how dumb do you have to be to to cry when someone calls you a ‘brown person’ or a ‘monkey’, as I gather that this what she was called. A million or billion people in this world have faced a lot worse and we haven’t heard a slight whimper from them. Coming back to the point, I need to explain why I said that we Indians are the most racist of them all. In our college we have witnessed all this too. Don’t we say Bengalis are this and Mallus are that and Tamilians are such and ofcourse how can we forget the Gujjus. We all say that Goans are lazy and Biharis are crooked and so on and so forth. These classifications may be true, as we’ve said what we did after careful observations. I myself have made many such classifications. But does that make it any less racist? I don’t think so. When we see people from our own state, cultural background etc. we neglect the others with us, even if they are our best of friends. When the Bengalis, Southies, or for that matter any group meet, they immediately start talking in their regional languages, be they Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Assamese etc. oblivious to others standing by wondering ‘what the f**k's going on here?’ It’s not wrong. We should be proud of our cultural backgrounds and of our mother tongues. But we should also respect the presence of the others who may be insulted by such actions. No one can disagree with me when they read what I have written and look deep within themselves.
I’m not sitting on any high horse judging people, because I too have been party to such actions as I’ve detailed above. But if I sound harsh on the whinning lot of complaining no goods, then please know that you’ve read right and that I want to be harsh on them. It’s just that ‘c’est la vie’ and life’s a bitch. Grow up!!! This is the bad world and crying about somebody calling you something doesn’t solve the problem.
To all those whinny grumpy colourful Indians (Shilpa et all), I just wanna say stop whinning and get a life. As the bible says, ‘We need to get the block of wood out of our own eyes before we point out to our brothers the spliter of wood in their eyes’. I’m sure that all religions preach this too and no offence to anyone, it’s just that I have not read my own bible fully let alone reading the holy books of other religions, so I couldn’t quote from them. We need to remember that in order to change the world we need to first change ourselves and set a better example.
I repeat myself again. GROW UP & GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours truly,
A proud brown (actually a chocolate coloured) Indian!!!!


Unknown said…
ctrl A + ctrl F life and there are 10 instances in the 12 posts so far..

its all about the short interval between birth n death isnt it??

well in ur post when u say "we" and "I", it gives the impression u r tryin to include some and sometimes xclude some..

i agree ppl shud acknowledge the presence of others and not turn to their regional languages to make some feel left out.

but i think it depends on an individual..its a part of mannerisms n good behaviour.

indians r d biggest hypocrites..u think so..but surely u'll find even

cultural observation has been since
time immemorial.this class is good this..that class is good that..sometimes they r true n sometimes derogatory n utter false..

sure age of globalisation has arrived..still there r hesitations
to do business in certain regions, with certain class of people, there is differential treatment of ppl ..

as long as there is man,this kinda talk will continue..
only thing is we shud respect the other human being..

live n let live.
Sakshi said…
Well said Rathindar. Of course we should respect our fellow human beings. But on one thing I have to agree with Dion is that Indians have hippocracy, that they are not ready to acknowledge. And an example of that would be- the post that shayon wrote, why dont you check out the comments following the link.
And then there is a lot more, but I plan to write a post on the same. So there ill surely expand.
Karma said…
Well, there a solid post finally at wall mag....I don't have anything to say right now becoz I happen to agree every word what our firangee a.k.a Dino just said.this topic gonna stirr lodsa dust and people will call their shots..kinda reminds me wat we used to do in G-Spot!!
Shayon said…
Well...I have a li'l problem with the word "biggest" that Dino has used in his claim of calling Indians hypocrites. Of course, off me, sakshi, Rathz n Karma...he's the one travelling most countries and experiencing most, I'll accept his word for the sake of it. But then, when he talks of the Big Brother incident, I'd like to add a few more words here. I don't feel that all the hue and cry on Shilpa bein called a brown was not because she was ashamed of being a brown, but rather because the very word "brown" had been used as an insult. Allow me to cite a classic example. Dino, how many times did I call you a motherfucker in the past 4 years? And how many times did you actually mind that? And would you've reacted the very same way had a certain Tiwari from our college had addressed you in the same manner? Would you've taken that kindly, then? Do you get my point here? It is not what you say that matters, at the end of the is what you mean in your heart..!!
Karma said…
Well, heres an afterthought::
I shall cite u an example of how the "Goras" had malhandled well no other than the BigB himself.It was the days when BigB's career was at low ebb.No film in hand and evermounting credit of ABCL.It was London and BigB had gone in a store to shop .He had selected a shirt and asked to the conter person what was its cost." Its too costly for you Sir!" pat came the answer as if the brown skin folk cudnot afford it.Angry-Young-Man he may be, BigB didn't lose his cool and he went on buying all the shits of similar price tags.It was a apt reply to the counter person in a manner fitting to this great man. Call it Gandhigiri of whatever, he didn't raise a hue and cry over this!!
I think I'd agree with u in most of things but calling Indians the biggest hypocrites won't b rite..
Here in CSC,these dayz our communication & client handling sessions we have been strictly told not to call any "Black" Black ..apparently they get offended..they ve 2 b called colored...
& I was left thinking that why do they feel ashamed of accepting da reality...see ppl 4m other races can da give we Indians a run for our money & I aint being sarcastic..
Shayon said…
Wow! Did dat actually happen 2 Big B? Dude, u hrdly gt 2 google these days, n yet you're emerging as a power house of information, must say! ;) Well, as I'd already pointed out, I don't here the fight is about who's more hypocrite than whom. It's more about the kinda attitude you carry. I feel how you speak matters much more than what you speak!
Shayon said…
Will Mr. Dino please stand up? ;-)

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