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My trip to Jamshedpur. Don't ask for what, I just had work there!!!!!!!!!!

Cutting the reunion cake (with plastic spoons). Raj can't even keep a knife at home (that house needs a womans touch- what say you Raj????????)

Realxing at Raj's.

DJ D back at work. Ratz in the Cleopatra position, but no one's interested.

The cake that is always there. Cake is courtesy Brubeck Bakery, D'costa Mansion Jamshedpur. And tasty as always!!!!!!!!!!!! My mouth's watering, IS YOURS???????????

Live life in Color (forgive the spelling, but I'm goin to the US and thats how they spell it there). Notice the wine. Sayantan was responsible for downing half of it and Naidu gave company to the other half.

Our 2K3 reunion photo. But I really am not sure it could be called a reunion given the shear lack of numbers and that we only did just pass out (of college I mean). By the way Raj as usual holding up a bottle to show the world that he is a toaper (that means 'tunky') too. Notice the people who actually do the drinking aren't holding up any glasses (thats ofcourse excluding me).

The G-Spot: We really screwed that switch and bulb fixture there

Met up with the Tata Steel chaps. Went for dinner to a new place call 'Phoenix'. Good food, check out the fancy food for I-Day a little later.

Same thing but now I'm in the pic. Jamshedpur is seriously hot....................

Tira(n)ga Biryani

Small reunion at Raj's place.

That fan is actually running very fast. Most of you'll viewing the photo will disagree, but we know the truth. I merit the still fan in the photo to my ever trustworthy cam. I'm toooooo lazy to flip the pic around too, so pls bear with me.

Raj actually got an apartment to himself. He uses one room to dry clothes...... OMG. He also inpressed upon me to get the Jockey in the photo, so I had to cut of his hand.

These N.E. people always find an excuse to do this zunior zunior bullshit. And they're always in the photo. LOL. No hard feelings. N.E. guys.

Another pic of The Wall Mag.

Ratz' handwritting. We can all guess that. Most will remember the quote from their Tee's.

Mattus night on the town (If you can call that village a town.........hahahaha).

Same night in the lounge of Shauriya Inn.

Same night as above (I'm getting tired of typing).

After picking up Ratz from the station. Went to Red Chillies for dinner.

Same day at Red Chillies. I don't know how Raj considers this place a romantic place for dinner!!!!!!!!! The lights are as bright as a stadium at night and the chairs aren't even comfy. The only plus point is that the waiters don't trouble you (But when it's just us 4 hungry guys out, that quality was getting frustrating and bordering on irritating).

This is the famous 'Wall Mag' on the Topfloor

Pics are courtesy of my cam. Thank-you and enjoy. I guess for all you guys this will bring back fond memories.


Shayon said…
@ Dino

Hey, awesome pic, man! I especially loved rathindra's pic..."live life in color". Btw, u've reduced the quality of the pics in the process of uploading them on blogger, man. Cn u mail the original high-res pics to me/us?
Unknown said…
gr8 pics..
n nice u put comments to them..
but cleopatra??
u cud hav said some lord or king..

indeed we'd a gr8 time thr and completed some of our final works!!

n yes try to mail us the original snaps..

Manvender said…
hey man....gr8 pics....really made me feel dat "I wish i would have been there"...but guys seeing these pics it wasn't looking like ve have passedout 4m da all looks the sweet same life!!( at least in da pics!!)
Ankit said…
the photos bring tears down my eyes...i love them...i miss u all...

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