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An evening

This was the most awkward situation I had ever faced with a girl.
Last evening I had gone out with this girl for the 1st time. She has come for training in my company. She is doing MBA.
Actually when we were around the XLRI area suddenly I realised my bike was not running properly. I said to the girl "if I say u that my bike has got punchered then what you will say".She replied please don say like this. But sach hamesha kadwa hota hai. My bike got punchered. To worsen the condition there was no mechanic around. The nearest place to get any mechanic was Bistupur or Sakchi. What next ? I was pushing my bike. But I tell u guys it was the best walk ever I had with any girl. She just kept on takin n talkin . She has got a great sense of humor.
Then we went to Bru Beck. Our favorite bakery has been renewed now n we get many more things to eat . Very soon il put the pics. Till that time I didn repair my bike. I thought of gettin some energy after pushing the bike for some good distance.
That was not enough of my bad luck last evening. The place where I went to get it repaired was having great rush. It took one hour for my chance to come. Finally my superbike was back on track. We had ice-cream in happiness. We then headed for a drive in the circuit house area.
After some four long hours of a perfect evening I dropped her back to hostel.
What to say about my bike.Presently it gets punchered two times every month.
I hope this never happens again when I am out with any girl.


Sakshi said…
Thank your Bike...!!! :) and Please- with such a fun evening to report back... stop calling it your bad luck...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
Ya it was great. It all happened because of my bike. Thanks to my bike.sometimes the bad things also help out. Btw 2d eve was also ultimate. V got struck in rain.
Sakshi said…
Ahem ahem... yeh chal kya raha hai??
I gotta give it to you. You fall off one horse and jump back on to another! Shameless piece of shit!
Good going man. Nice to know you're back in the game.
raj alakshendra said…
Hey dion its not like that. Past 3 months of my life were like hell. I tried not everythin to get her back but in vain. I was just spoilin my life. I had to move on. I hav got sick of love n all. 1st time girl betrayed me n this time destiny. i know adi is also suffering.
Jus to deviate my mind from my past m jus roaming around with this girl. This girl is already committed. Moreover she is of different religion. Also her trainin is gettin over in next 5 days.she too knows abt adi.
Probably love is not in my fate. So flirt n enjoy.
Love is like a free bird. Let it fly. If it comes back to u then its yours. If not then forget it.
I have left everything on God. Lets see what God has planned for me. Time is changing & i feel everything is goin to be normal soon .
raj alakshendra said…
N yes i am always in the game. Or the game is made for me . Atleast u should take some trainin from me.
Shayon said…
@ Raj
Dude, you really did not have to justify yourself, you know. Live the life the way you want to.
On other lines, it makes no difference whether this girl knows about Aditi or not, even whether she's committed or not. Living so many months with me, I was hoping you'd learn this lesson, at least.

So, take everything that others say with a pinch of salt, including mine, and move ahead the way u see fit.

@ Dino
Unless you "jump back on to another" fast enough, you always stay behind in the race. It's always best to stop sulking and keep moving on. Moreover, not everyone has the depth of living a joyous life with grief in his heart.
raj alakshendra said…
Kya bola hai. Maan gaye guru.actually u r always my motivation when i struck in this type of situation.
Btw dion must be jealous of my endless relations.
Btw the latest fast track add says "move on"
Last night i invited her for dinner like this :
"Agar tere pet mein chuhe kud rahe hai aur tumhe lagta hai un chuho ki bhookh mitani chaiye to mess aa jao."
She jus blasted to laughter.

Where r d other guys .
That was a nice adjective for Raj "Shameless piece of shit!" Couldn't stop laughing when I read that.Fits him well.

I must say that you've got a great resilience as there's no point in crying hoarse over spilt milk 'coz life ain't meant for mourning but for living.We need to be strong enough to take things in their stride and to keep punching life back,whenever it knocks us down 'coz at the end of the day,we can't afford to make our lives miserable by slumping into depression!

You made sense ,man! Thumbsup!
raj alakshendra said…
kutto i am not down ...m njoying ..sala tum sab aur tension de raha hai ... n i have become very used to all this ...

hey mannu whn ul post abt urself of that contest..
Sakshi said…
@ Raj
Mannu is waaaayyy to lazy to post anything...

I like the way you asked madam out for dinner- Just glad that you are trying.

@ Shayon
You are in BIG trouble. ;P

@ Dino and Mann
Now you guys see... why despite being 'committed' I look around. I have bad influence.
raj alakshendra said…
tu to gaya beta ... ha ha ha

@ shakshi
m not trying ... m always in excess of such crazy ideas...

now i am thinking what ul do to shayon
Sakshi said…
Raj its SAKSHI, quit adding an extra H to my name. How about you suggest what I do to him??
"Shayon,You are allowed to go with ONLY one extra gal(apart from me) per month"
-That would be a good deal.Watsay ?
Sakshi said…
Mannu Interesting option... how about some more??
Busy bees
Where are ya all dawgs (and a dawgie) ?
All sleeping or visiting the website withouht leaving any message

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