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Sakshi, you owe me a post!

Pics from my trip to Orlando and Miami, FL

Disnney World (Typhoon Lagoon)

Mini-Golf in Orlando

Universal Studios

Showing off my photography skills


Outside the Mummy Exhibit (Universal Studios)

With the famous Universal logo (3-D)

That's all folks (That's WB actually)!


Ankit said…
gr8 pics dude....seems u have become really very fat!!
raj alakshendra said…
u have becom father of 4 kids ...i would call u uncle frm now onwards ... n what has happnd to ur sexy legs..OMG
pics r good n ur frnds r quite smart ...
Sakshi said…
Raj- I am seriously having my doubts about your sexual orientation...!!!!

Dino- No, I don't owe you a post, because- you were to write three posts in the month of May... but this came late. But- Since I am such a sweetheart- I will post something... gimme some time...

The Pics are awesome... and really dude- Great looking friends... how abt some intro and all?? ;)
Lovely pics,dude! Great to see you(although thru pics) after such a long long time, only.Keep kickin' ass,man!
If you read the agreement, it was 'within one month of my first post'. I posted first on 3rd May and I waited specially till 2nd-3rd June to put up the last one.
So pay up!

@ Ankit and Raj,
7 days a week in the lab sitting on your arse and just eating does that to you. I bet you'll would be the same under the conditions. It's the US disease.

@ Mann,
Thanks man!

Re my friends:
The guy with the cap (white one) is my roomie Siddhanth Shetty (Bombay), the guy with the white T and topless (sometimes ;D) is my other roomie Jay Bagri (Calcutta) and the last guy in the black T is Jay friend (and now ours too) Apoorva 'Kanta' Chopra (Delhi). Jay and Apoorva are undergrads and Sid. is a Masters student.
That enough of an intro?
Unknown said…
hey givme some tips, you can share ur xtra kilos if u want ;-)

btw get some tips from frm ur frnds and hit the gym ..

and nice pics.. :-)

Sakshi said…
I am all set to pay up...!!! Just gimme some time.Please.
Intro- Thanks dude, but how do you plan to intro ME to them?? ;)
raj alakshendra said…
hey sakshi there is one "chopra" too ..

@ dion
most of us are sitting on the comp thru out the day buy nobody has bcpme unlcle . ha ha ha
Hello? you are a "committed" woman now so no looking here and there :D
Shayon is gonna get jealous.Hehe
They'll be back in India pretty soon (at least two of them- one in Cal. and the other in Delhi). Then you can introduce yourself.
And as Mann said, I think you need to hold your horses girl!
Sakshi said…
Hello- Can anyone say that to Shayon as well... when he is allowed to look around so am I...!!! Don't be unfair...!! Any which ways- I am not gonna meet either of em without Dion... so.. their bad luck...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi

i support u ... u r also having equal rights & freedom like shayon..

btw whr is shayon ... what u say ??
Haha..That was hilarious :-D

saale yeh "having" kyun lagata rahta hai tu ? "have" lagaya kar bas
Aur tere job kay kya haal hain?Kaam waam kar raha hai ki company ka kaat raha hai ? D

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