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I still remember the day when I first used a computer and thought of being a computer engineer one day. Well that dream of mine has come true but that dream has failed to provide any satisfaction in my life. Its was not about money always that I thought in my childhood but about doing some good work ( and work to me is stuffs related to computers ) to get the ultimate satisfaction. All the top floorers might be knowing about my passion for computer but today after about 10 months of joining a company, I can say for sure that my dream has not come true and that I need to work more to fulfill my dream in reality.

Most of us are in IT, can anybody tell me how many of you are happy with the job that you are doing. I will hardly get any answer for this question. Actually this is the Indian Software Industry that sucks. Its worse than the job of the Rickshaw pullers in the road. At least, they are praised for what they do. But in our present job we do the same thing - Give service to people or company to run their business, but we hardly get any satisfaction. And when the demand for our service decreases we the common man in the IT service industry are thrown out of our job. I am feeling very sorry to mention his name here but Suman has been the biggest victim among us. The job that we do can be done by a 12 th standard guy with above average intellect. So, can any body please tell me what is the use of wasting 4 years of life just by studying something which will be of no use when somebody joins the industry.

At least few of us are trying to think in a way which is a little 'haatke' from normal. I really appreciate Shayon's initiative to do something that is not only different but that which gives him satisfaction. This service industry is a shit and unless and until we the fresh graduates in India start thinking about building our own technology and stop serving others, the word 'Satisfaction' will hold a different meaning for us.

My professional life in IBM has became a hell. for the last two months my job in the company is to check mails and to chat. I have become bored now and I am thinking of leaving this company to join a product development company and may be you people will get this news in my next post that I have left IBM.


Hey Dip.,
Long time man. Its sad what the Indian Software Industry has become. And yet they still recruit in such bulk, even though they know that they don't need everyone.
We all feel sad for Suman at this moment, but we know that he'll survive and land a better job, afterall he is from NIT, Jam. And what an education that was (i.e. an education in life and how to deal with hardships)!!!!
shanoob said…
Hey dip...
well... we all knew da same things gonna happn whn we wr at NIT. stl many of us joined s/w. I say its js bcoz of its glamour.and I like the kind of job I do... maybe bcoz im not frm cs background n thrs so much for me to learn...

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