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Hi guys, yeah that's right we from kolkata / calcutta [you guys have a choice ;-)] have been less active recently. Now reading the stuffs in our blog & community, it was as if I haven't come online for a long long time; and that's how it is. I'll not say I am busy but weekdays I don't find time & on weekends we take some time out to enjoy ourselves. Well we have been busy recording a song and since 'Talku Sam' has been visiting his relatives in the weekends, we havn't been able to finish off with the song. One reason Sam goes to his relatives is to get a new shirt!! Everytime he goes, he comes back wearing a new shirt. He hasn't returned since he left last friday. Probably this time he will bring lots of stuffs.

Last few weeks have been lovely here. It rained non-stop & best part was; the Radio stations really played all the romantic numbers that was available in their playlist. The rains did cause floods in many parts of this region. Just saw few pics of jamshedpur Raj had sent me. Kharkai was overflowing, I think it must have come inside our college too.

As I write this post, I have been already interrupted five times. Guys that's it for this time. Have fun & we'll try to finish the recording of our song "FLY" by next sunday.



Manvender said…
Uahahahaha!!! Uahahahhaa!! Uhahhaa!!
Now that may soung like a devil laughing but believe me that was the way I laughed when I read ur Sam-goes-to-relatives'-house-&-returns-wid-a-new-shirt story...That was xtremely funny or maybe I found it too hilarious knowing the way sam is & his laziness..Imagining sam going to his relatives' house with his those unwashed dirty shirts & returning like a gentleman in a well-ironed brand new shirt was ...
This guy is just too cool(read lazy :-))in his own way..really doesnt care abt anything..yaad hai convo kay time jaate hue he was looking like an "andaa" with his this outfit
1> A shirt which I had worn for 3 days he wore it again
2>A pair of jeans which he had reportdely last got washed in Trivandrum(so that makes it 3 months)
3>& to top it all ..He was wearing Black shoes!!!what the heck??.Who wears black shoes with Jeans..Only the care-free ,i-dont-care- or rather I-m-too-lazy-to-care Sam!!!I even took a pic of his this gr8 attire at the Howarah Station..

abey saale ..jaldi se recording finish kar aur daal de..aur Karma wagareh kabhi TWM visit kyun nahin karte ?? & u should think about writing a new article "When I finally got a project in TCS..."
Holy shit!!!!
I didn't realise that that was the Kharkai!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!
In 4 years I've never seen it like that, and just when we leave it gets crazy like that. By the way, I was on the Mattus comm. on Orkut and it seems like they have non-stop power (the bastards made us suffer).
@ Rathz
You prick, you couldn't even leave a comment about my post after reading it??? You'll have been pestering me for soooo long to put up one, and when I do,......nothing!!!!!
Your song better be good and please make concrete plans for the winter (Dec., 2008)
raj alakshendra said…
condition in jsr was very worse...
raj alakshendra said…
@ raths
abe tera gana kab record hoga... kab se wait kara rahe hai hum sab....
Unknown said…

dats y we gave him a pair of sports shoe on his b' he's the dudest dude here in kolkata wid his all new clothes n cool shoes!!

karma is all too busy wid work..he was trained on java, now he's working on mainframes!!
he's bought himself a lot of novels..donno what he does with them..he too is learning guitar from taklu..

rudra comes to our place on alternate weekends..he's all the same..


now i have read ur post & left a comment..

Kharkhai looks fiery but lovely at the same time in this pic
@Raj if the bridge got submerged then how were people going from one side to the other ?
raj alakshendra said…
through the longer route of mango bridge....

n due 2 discontinuity in material suppy tata motors ws closed d next de.....
upar waale post main comments ka option kyun hata diya tune ?
raj alakshendra said…
maine to nahi hataya... let me check....

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