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and i keep on waiting

Its 7:15 a.m. and I am ready to leave for my office.

I stand here in the same manner as I did a year back waiting for some one to go to college on my superbike...this 100 cc bike runs like a 200 cc bike… the credit goes to the driver… Little did I know then that things would change in just a years’ time; the sky under which I am standing seems to be looking at me and smiling.. It is perhaps the only thing that has acted as a witness...watching the transformation of a loud and bubbly person into a boring professional. I wouldn't blame the professionalism for the change though. It is destiny, or may be you could call it life. Yes Life, mysterious in the true sense, for one does not understand why you meet hundreds of people everyday, work with so many, and still remain lonely.

A typical college day always begins with all the familiar faces; you look forward for all your friends to get in the class till the end of the lecture, the reasonless giggles, the loud laughter that were muffled to avert the eyes of the lecturers and professors who would watch on us as if we were their prospective prey for the day .... well as I said it was a different life then. The pleasant memories of college are in itself good enough to save me from the misery of the professional life. I notice that it is time for me to enter my office and flash my smile of acknowledgement to all the known strangers that I see as I approach my department. A few of my colleagues greet me with their morning wishes and as always, we exchange our pleasantries. Discussions jump to the weekend plans and I wonder what I'd do over the weekend.

It would be just another day staring at the mobile, wishing it would ring and bring back some wonderful moments that are now missing in life or maybe the safer option would be to come to office, for it's my new founded asylum these days. A year back, weekends or weekdays didn't matter to me, I was always busy. I always stood doubting the authenticity of the clock that seemed to be in running too fast to perceive its movement. now it seems as though my clock is suffering from some kind of paralytic attack.

There is a time in life, where one needs to go ahead, leaving behind your friends and carrying along only memories. You do make new friends, but then you never get the old close ones ... you do meet people who'd be so good to you that you could tell them anything and everything, but you do not find a person to whom you needn't say things ... friends who just know you. Occasional calls from such friends, have been the only thing that I seem to look forward to ...However, I cant help but notice the uneasy pause that lingers around the conversation.. A pause not because of the relationship, but because it is too short a duration to say everything, and of course you cannot completely rule out the scarcity of words!

As I sit on my system, watching the drops of rain, trickling down the tinted glass panes, veiling the scenic beauty outside.. I tell myself, may be there will be a day when things will change, when life will offer a rewind, a recap of all the events and I just have to wait. Unpredictable are the ways of life, for I know there would be many who'd be able to empathize with me, ironically, even the dear ones that I miss this moment, waiting perhaps...!! And I keep on waiting ....


Manvender said…
yeh bata bey yeh article tune khud likha hai kya ..i mean the entire article u have written on ur own so u have put your own words & sentences in somebody else's...
coz it's too gud..looks more like an excerpt from a book with a melancholic undercurrent where the reader can feel the expressions..Keep it up!! mast likhne laga hai bey...complex ho raha hai mujhe :-)
raj alakshendra said…
its nt frm a book.... its 60-40 joint venture of myself n of a college in office....

btw where r d other top-floorers...
Amazing piece of work. I really liked it. "Came from the heart sort of piece". Keep it up and hold on till Dec. We'll meet up and go for a trip somewhere. Lets start the planning and keep to the plans this time.
raj alakshendra said…
k...thanx... where 2 go ?????
Unknown said…
I need one more visit to the internet cafe to read all of your posts..

Manvender said…
"Lets start the planning and keep to the plans this time"..
wat does your this statement implies especially the second part ?? :DDDDD
Unknown said…

that was awesome..
60-40 ka funda samajh mein nahi aaya..

the article truly captures the kind of emotions we go thru these days..

abey itnaa mast likha hai..why dont you write a book(a new plan!!)..remember once you told me abt one of ur frnds in nagpur who is probably a publisher or writing a book himself..what was that??


you all make plans, i'll just join the plan..that's my contribution, since i will not have a hand in the plan, it wud be successful!!

raj alakshendra said…
@ raths

plan wont b succesful without ur support....

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