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Smack That

Hi Guys,
No activity on the Wall Mag for quite sometime ??
Here's something to kick-off the June's edition .
This is my version of Smack That (Akon Ft Eminem) .
I couldnt record it in one go & there's editing problem also so please dont mind it .
Anyways, please give me your feedback..gimme honest feedback !!!.

Hope you guys are doing great!! Please take sometime out to post something here so that we all know what are we doing ?

Anwyays, njoy!! Cheers!!

Quote :
"Most of the things that we desire in life are expensive .
But the truth is that the things that really satisfy us are absolutely free..
- Love, Joy, Laughter, Passion , Zeal, and Friends & these are the things which really make our lives fulfilling "


Unknown said…
good video...

unfortunately i saw it in mute mode... no sound system connected...

the body movement ws superb...
Ok first my apologies. I saw this the first day it was put up, but I've been real busy. Exams got over yesterday.
Ok now on to my comments.
1. Where's the 'bling'???? You need to put on more flashy jewellery.
2. Fitting clothes are not what a rapper wears. You need loose clothing and pants where the fork comes to your knees and the boxers are showing.
3. Don't keep doing the same hand actions at the cam. You need to act aloof sometimes just leaning against a wall and dishing it out.
4. Great pick up of the song. It could use a bit of polishing but real good man.
Hope to see your own song in the markets soon.
Unknown said…
sahi mannu..
carry on..waiting for something from you..

arey raj, why do u always see a vdo in mute mode??

Manvender said…
hey guys thanx for the comments!!
@ Raj
abey bina sound kay dekha maine bhi..& it's looking very funny instead of gud..

Regarding spicing it up with the "bling"..for that u need "cash" man which I unfortunately dont have ..
I know I have got that stereotype "Eminem" hand movement style but dont worry when we ll make the real video we ll give smthing original & also we ll spice it up wid some busty babes & when we have Rathz as the director so i m sure acha aayega...
I missed the beats at a place or two & was running out of breath as it was pretty hot that time..will try to improve it nxt time.

Regarding records in the market..heheh wat a joke man ??it's still a long way to the TOP..have to improve a lot on many fronts especially phsyique first :-)
Director sir..kahaan chale gaye ho aajkal ??

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