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I need a New Boyfriend...

Yup, you guys read it right.
Not only do I have to suffer competition from VARIOUS girls, Now, I also have to face competition from LOADS of guys.
Shayon has decided that he wants to be in a open relationship, and I have given a go ahead on that- But I also need a new boyfriend.
Thus, he suggested that- I give you all a try and ask for your suggestions.


raj alakshendra said…
wtf ???
after 4 long years .. how is it possible ...
Sakshi said…
Hello what rule book specifies the laws of limitation in a relationship??
What does this "Open relationship" mean wrt ur relationship ?
Would it be a timepass relationship ,or a serious one or a fling ?Would he get to meet shayon or will Shayon be outta pictur ?Too many questions to be answered.Kindly elucidate ,if you want to .Ha ha
Btw,God save the new guy! :-P
Sakshi said…
Mannu- Too many questions... but why am I the only one answerable? How about Shayon answering these questions since he is the one who proposed the open relationship...
@ Sakshi
I hope this is not your sorry excuse for the post you owe me!
Anyway, from what I heard about Shayon and you, your relationship was already open! How much more open can it get?
And who are these guys you're competing with? Are they his net gaming buddies (they aren't only guys, there are probably a few girls too- then that spells trouble for you because Shayon's met his soulmate then! ;P)

Unknown said…
Is this some kinda experiment..

one side this lover boy is hopping from one story to another and on the other side we have a couple trying an experiment wherby they want to go out of the conventional relationship rules and explore!!

hmmm..we'll have experts some time soon who would write the new rules of new-age realtionships..
Ankit said…
ehh?? somethin like june fool cuz u dint get a change in april??
Sakshi said…
@ D
No re!! I owe you a post and I will do one. Just give me some more time. I have been very busy being lazy and preparing for my dance show at the end of the month.
Well- I guess, you are right on one account- a few of em happen to be his gaming buddies and I am so J of em. I mean- I joined all the social networking sites started blogging so that I could be closer to Shayon.. but no avail- The soulmate concept- is kinda obsolete in his dictionary.

@ Rathz
One has to add spark to get the old charm back... One way or the other.

@ Ankit
Please don't mock it sooo much. Its not a fun matter.
@ Sakshi,
Best of luck for the dance and the search!

Ankit said…
@sakshi & shayon:
in my personal opinion, relationships are to be valued..u guys have a stable thing,keep it goin...not evrybdy gets gud luck...
i think the thin line btw frnship & relationshp should be clearly visible...(& not cause confusions)..

secondly,i feel the spark is gone cuz now u guys dont have to "prove" in front of each other..& take each othe for granted...thats the worst mistake one can make...

moreover if one can grow by learning various things,both of you will have a lot to discuss...

nywyz...guys BEST OF LUCK whichever way u go....i know i'm a looser on this front, so i'll stay shut!!

arigatou gozaimasu
Sakshi said…
This is WONDERFUL just amazing bit of advice...!!! :)
I am touched. Thank you so much.
I really loved the part where you say we do not have to prove it in front of anyone...!!!
Thank You... Thank You... (at the cost of sounding like a typical girl...) I almost had tears in my eyes when I read your comment...!!! Thank You...
Dangs at his best!Clapping!
Junta, please wake up i know u'd ve fallen asleep on reading dat:-P

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