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Happy birthday, Shayon..!!!

The Cake

Before your day ends- Here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday from all us at TWM.

Yeah- I know its a formal formal and all that, I can't help it. Because, unless and until you all want to read a mushy mushy post that talks about how much I love Shayon.. it will be this formal. Anyway- I really wanna thank all of you who sent in their messages and pictures.. because it was worth all the effort.
Extreme left of the Collage
Rest of the collage.

I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he was going through the collage- it was a like a child who had just discovered unlimited source of chocolates.
In a way he is a kid, who needs all the push and the pull... to get him to do anything.
But- we all know, how much this kiddo loves to face the odds right in the face and say- I don't give a damn.

Here is wishing you and your killer attitude, your passion for DOTA... sense of humour and the HUGE reservoir of love and affection that you have for all your friends.. all the luck.

Love You loads...

PS: The cake is real...


Unknown said…
So ye hai Sakshi ki mehnat..
Shayon must be impressed.. :)

Did you guys in North have a celebration?

For rest of us Shayon can parcel us some sweets ;)

Sakshi said…
Thanks a ton for the compliment.
As far as celebrations go- there was no party. It was just me and him..
Shayon said…
This birthday was really a very special one. Had an awesome day. Loved the messages that all you guys sent, for me. Thanks a bunch, folks. Will remember this one for a long time to come.
Love you all.
raj alakshendra said…
love is in the air ... its so good to be in love ...

the cake is so yummy ... n shayon u r sooo lucky yaar ...
Ankit said…
OMG Efffffort!!!
Sakshi said…
Thank you... but really, the whole exercise would have gone waste had it not been you all and your messages...!!! So thank you all...
Way better than I had expected it to be.Jhakaas hai,sach maine!

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