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I have resigned

I have resigned from my job ... following is my resignation letter :

The HR

Sub: Resignation

Through Proper Channel


This company is unable to fulfill my emotional, financial & spiritual dreams so I quit.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,
Raj Alakshendra

after 2 long years the time has come to take this step.. i have been thinking of this from long time ...
i got trapped in office politics ... last morning my boss said some bad words which hurt my ego ... it was not my mistake ... i respected him a lot ... he is a great designer but yest all the respect was washed away... today morning the HR called me n said to shift to other dept . this dept is a graveyard.. The boss is coincidently a passout from our college but he is a mad old man ... havnt seen a smile on his face ever.. he is an AGM but shouts like a cheap roadside guy ... people come at 7.30 in the morning & go at 7 or 8 in the evening..
I thought now the time has come to fufill my dreams with full force ...

After all we are top-floorers ... I am free now.. I would request you all to buy my products more frequently..

njoy & fun


Shayon said…
Well... what do I say? I am speechless! U were the only guy who would take the efforts to keep posting on the TWM and keep the spirit alive. Now that you do not have the office internet to take advantage of, any more, what's gonna be the future of TWM? I only wonder.

Okay, seriously, it's not that I am sad with your resignation. Rather, I have been wishing the same for quite some time now. However, the fact that you resigned so abruptly, is kind of a shock to me. It reminds me of last November when I had resigned just on a whim, because I didn't like the way my boss ran the company.

I am not too sure if I am allowed to speak about it but I shall just stay on the boundary. Even Mann had been, recently, desperate to leave his job with CSC and get into something else. I am not sure if it's a trend that's getting followed, but it's definitely giving me very mixed feelings. In one hand, it is great to know that you guys are finally breaking away from the mould and building a cast of your own. In another, it makes me sad to know that hardly anyone is happy with their lives (professional, hvnt got much idea about anyone's personal one).

Anyway, here's all my wishes for Raj. I wish I could buy stuff from you but somehow I am not too fond of Amway. Even the only Amway product I ever bought from you, left it at your place itself, before leaving Jsr. Never got to use it :-P

To the rest of you, have a great July!
Hey Raj!
This was sudden!
I won't comment on whether the decision was right or wrong. But you've got my backing in all that you do. I only hope you didn't make the deicision without thinking.
It's true that it doesn't make sense to work somewhere you don't like and with people you don't like. Will you look for another job? Or is it Amway all the way.
All the best man!
ratnesh said…
hello boss, u did sth which many ppl will think 1000s of times b4 doing and will prbbly end up staying there. it showed the character and guts and the fire u hv ... abov all i think that u did the right thing as no point continuing but i hope ur timing is right, since it looks to me as a knee jerk reaction.. ...anyways,
like all ur frnds u hv all d backing 4m me for ur act ..
raj alakshendra said…
@ everyone

ratnesh is my close childhood buddy..v knw each other frm class 7 if i remember ...he is in US presently ...

everyone is asking me abt my resignation story & I am diverting them here so that i wont need to repeat it everytime... atleast more visitors to our site...

@ shayon
dont worry i continue posting ... i can so it on my ph too...

@ dion
no more jobs .. m tired of it .. now its time to go live my dreams ..m feeling free & relieved ...
I must say that you have some balls,man! Good work .I hope the decision was not in a fit of rage but one which you thought is the right thing to do.
In my opinion, a person who's talented enough or knows where he wants to go never has any insecurity about the word "career" or about what he's gonna do now ?People who don't have anything better to do in life cling on to what they have, no matter what and this is solely coz of their insecurity and lack of vision.
We all are with you.Keep posting on the Wall Mag.And May your business expand by leaps and bounds.
All the best!
Unknown said…
thanx to everyone for all ur support ..

@ mannu
tu kab free ho raha hai ..

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