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why should one resign ???

I found the following points to be most motivating for me to put my resignation:

1) To have good sleep without bothering to wake up early morning .
2) To get rid of punching at 7.30 . it sucks, especially during winter.
3) To have good breakfast which would include milk, fruits n all the healthy food.
4) So that u dont have to see same unsatisfied, frustrated faces daily. u would never see smile on these faces.
5) So that u dont have to prepare any useless excel sheet or any drawings.
6) So that u dont fear when ur phone rings.
7) You dont have to worry about grades & appraisals. Noboby can judge u, only God can judge u.
8) To give time to ur friends & family.
9) So that u can give full time to ur fiance.. this might include driving, dancing in rain , watching movies or just go for a walk hand in hand.
10) To be happy from inside without tension of any month ending or quarter ending targets..
11) To live ur dreams which has been in ur eyes from the very childhood...
12) To do what u are good at make ur hobby ur career.
13) Finally, if ur love is incomplete & u dont have any contact with his/her then go to find her just like in the movie "serendipity"...

If u all have any more points then please add in the list ...


Great points ,Raj!
Especially the 4th, 7th and 10th points. I actually wrote a comment yesterday but it became so big that i thought that I'd write a new post only.
After a long hiatus,expect a new article from me tomorrow.
shanoob said…
I disagree...I enjoy all these things except one or two :p ... still i want to resign for a "CHANGE"... and I liked 12.
raj alakshendra said…
abe kab post karega be ???
hehe.Yaar laziness ki epitmoe hoon abhi .Post likh diya hai.usko edit karna hai.Will do it ASAP ;)
Does Shanoob talk in words which I am unable to understand?
Can anybody tell me what exactly he's disagreeing with ? :-D

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