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Happy Two Years to TWM!!!!!

And we are exactly one whole month late to wish the blog, which has given us THE platform to talk about ourselves-
As we would have- had we all been still on the Top Floor of Hostel E.

From the first Jobs to resigning from them, to finding and realising our dreams to seeking the very motivation to do something realllllly mad.
The blog definately has come a looong way.
Yesh- Its is own page, creating an identity for itself in the blogworld with the bunch of Mad people that we are.

Here is wishing TWM- A very Happy birthday and may it have a loooongggg looong loong life.


Unknown said…
belated happy b'day wishes to our blog ... i pray we keep rising high ...
Firstly Sakshi never use "looooonggg loooong" It reminds me of the natural desire of women for a long ,long one or the innate desire of sluts for long ,long ones(with a special emphasis on 'S')

Anyway,It's been such a great pleasure to be in touch with you all .Doesn't even feel like that two years are behind us. Feels like we still very much meet each other on a regular basis.
Long live this website!
TWM rocks!
Unknown said…
dirty mind
Shayon said…
@ Sakshi : Dude, it's been 2 years, and not 3! :-)

@ TWM : It felt like tasting ecstasy, while I was moulding you within my own hands, shaping you up, giving you definition, nights after nights! I apologize for not being around you when you need me the most, but I am proud that my friends are. I love you with all my heart. And, here's wishing you a very very happy birthday! *muah*
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon:
I know- I realised it later. MY BAD.
btw- You should have edited my post and put it in there rather than commenting...
raj alakshendra said…
we can understand that female mind stops working when it comes anything related to numbers or maths.
Sakshi said…
And what about the Guys?? Raj.. their mind stops working. Just STOPS working.
Wat kinda comment is that! Sheer prejudice! :O

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