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Heil To All

Finally all the papers done. They were originally scheduled to get over by the 7th of this month. Hence, me and Souvik (I used to drive this guy's Activa) had planned to make a li'l trip to Delhi together since both of us happen to have our love interests stationed there ;-). Anyways, thanks to a certain Mr. A. K. Singh, we had to wait till yesterday for our project presentation. However, now that I'd already gotten into the mindset of visiting Delhi this December, despite Souvik backing out at the last moment, here I am, waiting in anticipation for tomorrow early morning's Purushottam Express. Unfortunately, because of some unfortunate developments, even this time I won't be out there for more than 4 days. Yet, really really wish I would be able to meet up with Gandhi, Mannu, Chiru, Debu et al.

Kapil was in town for last 2 days. Happened to meet him up only at the last moment while he was leaving, at around 12 noon. I had my presentation from 3pm, yet agreed to his offer for lunch alongwith a few more 3rd years. Had went to Blooms, just had a drink and some chicken & then had to excuse myself out 'coz I had to be back in time. Just for your knowledge, it went awesome! Our topic was "Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Power Electronics". The judging panel was chaired by Dr. Saxena but thankfully, there was not a single question he could ask that we weren't able to answer. Well, once in a while it feels good to be praised by the Saxena himself ;-)

Now, off to some explosive news! Guess what? Me planning for a startup after I get out of this hole. This thing had been my brainchild for almost half a year now but never mentioned about it 'coz I wanted to give it some tangible shape. I hope I shall be excused for not divulging the exact nature of the startup 'coz I believe such an idea hasn't been implemented in the country as yet, no idea about abroad, though. Tall claims, eh? Yes, you might say so. But unless you dream, you shall never be able to realize them. I'm telling you about it 'coz you were the one who was my closest of buddies when we were in college. Might need some help from you...most probably not financial...but definitely ideas, especially if you are having close brushes with the managerial side of your companies. I hope I won't be too disappointed!

I guess, compared to last few posts, it's a pretty short one I've written. But I'm happy for at least it's something from me, after a long long hiatus.

Keep rocking, mate!!


Manvender said…
hey Shayon ..well u gonna kepp us in mystery or wat ..but really man dat sounds reallly gr88..u know wat there's no xcitement in holding to sm 9-5 job man..whereas when u work for ur own then there's a different sort of passion n thrill..Wat say ?
Shayon said…'s true...i can never work for any so-called "boss". Neways...I hope i can realize my dreams. wish me luck. I'll need it, big time!!

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