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Hello friends,

I’ve just spent 3 days at Shivpuri, Uttarakhand from 3 to 5th Dec. It was an OUT BOND training prog from Maruti.This is a place (25 km from Rishikesh) many of you may not know has a unique beauty in it. God has flourished this place with green hills all-around, high current river The Ganga, beautiful birds and animals (barking deer and monkeys). We stayed in tents by the side of the Ganga. There was no electricity, no mobile network (only IDEA network was coming poorly) and it was far from any population. We were there three days only with the nature.

This program was jointly organised by Maruti and one travelling consultancy group, ‘Himalayan Outward Bound’ ( So there was problem with food, drink, shelter and security.

First day we had activity like ‘free falling yourself on your trusted friend’s hand’ (see the photo), walking on Burma bridge (single rope bridge), river crossing by hanging from a rope.

At evening we sat together around fire to get some warmth. We enjoyed the evening with Singing, jostling and obviously with drink (my favourite Vodka Smirnoff).

Next day there were some foolish games (I don’t wanna talk about that). I tried to learn swimming in the heavy current of the Ganga with protective gears like life-jackets. Water was too cool to touch. But still I was not able to learn swimming. In the evening we had a skill-full exercise i.e climbing in a vertical wall of a building (at base-camp) through clamps. Very surprisingly I completed the climbing most quickly (in 2 min 10 sec) among our friends. At night we had ‘night navigation’. That was very difficult as we had to walk through narrow hilly way with torch-light in hand. Only 50% of us had torch. We had to go through the right way to reach the destination in pitch dark night. Atmosphere was shivering cold with temperature 5-6°C.

Next morning it was the most desired activity, ‘river rafting’.
The rafting was 10km stretch down-stream in the river. Guys you will never feel the fun when big waves smashed your raft and the whole raft tilting during passing through a rapid, disturbed current unless we go there and feel the pleasure of rafting.

Afternoon after lunch we had to return to Gurgaon. We became emotional while leaving the Himalaya.

if u want to see all the photo click the following url

Your loving friend and well wisher



Unknown said…
g8 pics... i seriously missed rafting in my trip...
waise chiru tu to yo aur dude ban gaya hai... tell abt dat game which u don want 2 share....
Shayon said…
hey...awesome pictures, man! I can see u folks are having the time of ur life, eh?
Chiranjit said…
yeah that was an awesome experience.
Manvender said…
jabardast pics hain bey chiru...Nature seems to be at its best there..i went thru ur album ...awsm pics there also!!

Now whozz heading to the Himalays next aft Raj n Chiru ??
Ankit said…
areu chiru you can also tell evryone abt ur kolkata gf connection...main toh kisiko kuch nahin batata hoon....due ban gaye ho as raj said...rayban ke shades, levis ki jeans, adidas ke shoes, aur kya ho gaye ho yaar...

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