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Exploring Shopping 3

& The shopping bole toh FuN continues ....
She had to buy " A dress " ... Ya , planing was for one dress but see how it turns out to be ...,ahem...ahem!!!
So, we were passing by a shop when my shopping girl stopped & pointed towards
a skirt that was unfortunately on display ... Now i understood how dangerous can be window
display .... instead of asking she informed me thats the one!!! well it was really very
nice ... next is what ?? we got inside the shop ...

Inside the shop , My GoD !! there were numerous ladies of all shapes & sizes & color (not skin but on there skin) ....
I was just wondering how lucky these shop keepers are to watch so many
different ladies on daily basis ... & unlucky to hear their "chick chick" (well none of them were "chick" :(
Anyway shopping lady asked for that skirt .... Both of us liked it & I thought shopping is over .... But hold on Guys , its not the end, its the start
I fear this ques which girls ask - "well is there any more color or design" ???
Actually , girls have infinite options & the more they see the
more they get confused ...
After seeing through few more of them , she finalized on a black one ,well i love black color on her its looks so appealing ....
Now its time for the "long" journey to the trail room & in between we
have to get over so many dresses without getting attracted to anyone

But what i feared finally happened .... My girl's next demand , I
should get a top for the skirt in order to try... Mind it this top is only
for trail purpose & she is not having any plans to buy it ... I said
Go ahead & take any top ... Again the hunt begins
, this time for a top ... I was lucky she didnt take much time &
choosed a blue one ....
unfortunately , this time I got stuck on a Purple gown which one was on display (( in display waloin ki toh @$#% )), obviously not for me
I asked her to try this one too .... we reached the trail room ...
I was the only guy there i guess except shopkeepers & I was thinking what am i doing here ... we
had to wait there for sometime & was praying that my girl & me dont get stuck
to any more dress in the meantime ...
One of the trail room door opened & a fat lady came out of it ...uhhmmm why some
females dont care of their figure ... anyways my shopping girl rushed
into the room ....
How much time we guys take in a trail room , one minute ....its not the case for a girl ... it is minimum 3 min .... i donno what they do inside a trail room ...
May be they love mirror mirror on the wall !!
In these waiting 3 mins I was looking at the fat girls who were trying hard to find something that would fit them .... I can see the irritation on the face of shopkeepers who where searchin atleast one dress that would fit them & actually look good too..

Suddenly i heard my shopping girl calling out my name ... I turned around & I went into shock on seeing her .. ..VOILA !!! she was looking like a Fairy I havent seen anything more beautiful in my whole life
"mera muh khula ka khula reh gaya"..." Ankhein bahar aa gayein"
even the crowd was looking at her , they must have been jealous of her beauty .well that was a
proud moment having such a beautiful girl with me ..WoW !!!
She asked how is it looking .... I was speechless still managed to say stunning girl, seems it is made for u .... the crowd never bother to turn around to see whom she was asking ...
Finally time for packing and man, you can see the happiness and sparkle in her eyes!!
It was short but lovely experience
well sometimes small is beautiful !!


Shayon said…
tere spellings achanak se sudhar kaise gaye?
@ Shayon,
MS Word! Ha ha ha ha ha.

@ Raj,
Nice post! You seem to enjoy every bit of the "Shopping Experience" and anything you say to the contrary is bullshit!

samik said…
@Raj mast post hai..btw ur "shopping girl" didn't buy u nething?
Anonymous said…
'trail' is that the spelling?
Sakshi said…
"Sometimes small is beautiful", ahaan! :P
Great, that you had fun.. and the best part is that you were just in one store!

We love constructive criticism... and are really sporting about it. It would be really kind if you leave us your name next time! Thanks for dropping by though!
ABC said…
sahi hai..kahiin shop girl hai..kahii karate girl ;)

Shopping sey yaad aaya, I am good at that !! Actually pathetic. When once me, Sam & Rudra had been to Shillong to Chax place. A jeans store-wala became so irritated that he didnt sell anything to me and instead told me to go to another shop :p
raj alakshendra said…
obviously i enjoy else i wouldnt have gone out with her for the 3rd time .. its always fun shopping with her ..

nice query .... the shopping was not over here ... after this we went for my shopping .... n she gifted me a jeans .. it was a big surprise for me .... also that jeans is very expensive one ... a million thanks to her for that ...

thanks for ur observation

ya i was lucky that she got everything in one shop ....

karate girl ???
raj alakshendra said…
@ayesha/shopping girl

helloooo .. where r u ???
a whole post on u ???
we all r eager to hear ur words ....
Mainak said…
How can i forget that incident. BTW that reminds me of another incident that happened wayback in our 1st sem Nov 2003.
This jeans episode was actually the 2nd one and hopefully my last with him.
Main aur Aadi Manav(as i refer to him affectionately) went to Bistupur in our famous Dabba. We both needed to buy a shirt each. We went to the inner market so that the burden on our pocket would be less. Those days we were not brand specific coz funding was from our parents :).
We went to a shop n this fella asked to show him some shirts. The shopkeeper shows him 1 but only to be rejected with some excuse. Kisi ka colour thik nahin hai to koi suit nahin karega. koi dull hai to koi bright. kuch aisa kuch waisa karte karte there was a pile of some 20-25 shirts. I was thinking ladke to bas 3-4 colour hi pehente hain yeh dukaandar colours kahan se layega??
Finally our king found something to his liking.... But then lightning struch again.......
Our hero dosen't like the stitching it seems or rather he ran out of excuses i must say :)...... i thought for a moment (sale yeh pucca pichle janam mein koi darzi hua hoga). Man then another round of rejections coz of poor stitching. I was fuming with anger and frustration n the shopkeeper was helpless.
Rathindra was lucky that the guy didnt loose his cool like the shillong guy or else he would have had it....
In all this mess i decided i better not buy a shirt in his presence aur mann hi mann gaali de raha tha....."Rs 200 ka shirt ke liye itna kuch..... Rs 1000 ka hoga to pura dukaan niche utaar dega yeh". And the best part is that he had the guts to walk out of the shop without buying anything from that shop.
Well after that day i realised that this guy had all the shopping hormones of a gal and he can really accompany a gal for shopping. Who knows even the gal would forget shopping after going out with him.

sirf shopping karwata hai kabhi kuch khareed ke gift bhi kiya kar.

Last weekend i was in B'lore n met Taks after a long time. Finally his hair has become countable :)
raj alakshendra said…
@ chaki
The query could be better handled by the shopping girl only .
Anonymous said…

I understood the !

@ All,
Can we block these 'Anonymous' comments?
It's really kind of irritating. People should be man-enough (or woman-enough, whichever the case) to state their problem/comment/reservation and associate their name with it- no matter the consequence. If you don't want to be known/have some insecurites, then don't comment!

Let me know if there's a way to do it and I'll tweak the required settings.

That was good. Liked the post and also the comments.
Sakshi said…
Hi love! Yes you can have the anon. settings turned off in the comment section. Go to the settings, comment moderation.. and it should be there!

I agree with you, that you should be able to owe up to your comments!
Especially here where we all are such nice people and don't kill others for making typos or grammar mistakes :)
Shil said…
thats a nyc one... I'd thanks Shayon for motivatin me for ths.. :)

...@ish@... said…
WHAT ???
are you guys thinking its me???
than is post ki adikansh baatein kalpanik hain aur unka wastawikta se koi khas sambandh nahi hai!!!
i know...i know post is good,waise bhi editing kisne ki thi.Sorry raj raz kholne ke liye ;)
@ Mainak
and yeah u are right, i pay for my shopping, and he enjoys the experience ;(
raj alakshendra said…

hellooooo ... i gifted u all the dresses ....
...@ish@... said…
Agreed, you gifted me.
but disagreed you paid for it.
raj alakshendra said…
excuse me maam .. gifted means i paid for it .... its understood ....
i know girls lack commonsense ...
...@ish@... said…
btw i have bills paid by me to prove wanna that??
raj alakshendra said…
i had given the bill purposely so that if any defect is found in the dress , u can chase the shop ..
see guys r alwez intelligent , planning abt future :)
...@ish@... said…
baat banane ki machine!!!
Unknown said…
I think you meant "nice one"

@Raj and @Aaisha
Thoda zyaada nahin ho raha hai? I mean, of course I am sure the rest of the crowd is having a ball of a time, with the current comment trail on this post. But seriously, grow up?
Unknown said…

Big daddy spoils the party of the children playing here !
...@ish@... said…
you are right Shayon,
Raj please Grow Up man!
raj alakshendra said…
oye , m already grwn up .... they r saying to u , "kid"
...@ish@... said…
@ Raj
Ohooo so i am a kid
then, why do you share 28" waist with me.I am sure here all r your daddy in that...Mr. KID!!!
Sakshi said…
@Raj & Aisha
Abhi relax.
Bahut Footage khaa liya tum dono ne.
Now cool it!


Btw, guys, it doesn't matter who pays for the stuff, what matters is that you had good company and you had fun.
which you guys had in abundance, so relax.
raj alakshendra said…
first shayon daddy scolded n now its sakshi mommy :)

ab to baat manani hi padegi ....

now stop it yaar ... bahot hua ...

yes we enjoyed a lot ... its alwez fun when v both shop around

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