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some unknown facts abt ATRI the great

any guess whats this ... its pasted on atri's bedroom ... this the alarm clock . i donno how it works. when asked abt its woking Mr. Atri said wnh its 7 am he wakes up . After that he sleeps n the snooze time is of 1 hr 20 min.he finally wakes at 8.20 am .I am still wondering wht this whole funda is all about.

This is his Rs 3 k jeans . I would like to bring in everyone's knowledge that few months back he did a shopping of some 18k . the break up : jeans - Rs. 3k, Shoes - Rs 7k , sweetshirt - Rs.2k , Rest miscl. I had taken the pic of his shoes but ABC ne delete kar diya. He has got a class of his own. His favorite hangout is Regent . Both of us had a deal that once every month we would have dinner there. The best part is he calls me on 1st day of every months . thank God he has stopped drinking else we used to get very high bills.

                                                   in regent

                                           Atri in his macho look.

As raths said he the same Arti from inside as he was in hostel. Mr ABC. 
N he is the only guy of 2k3 batch in jsr with whom I am alwez in touch n alwez enjoy his company .



Sakshi said…
Awesome- About the alarm that is. How does it work.... this ought to go in the record books... what with ppl trying to make weird alarm clocks...
The alarm thing is really very funny...& even funnier is Raj's description of the same..We are really a weird bunch of people ...
Shayon said…
I do remember ABC upping his standards... but I'm glad he upped the ante this much :-)

And has he actually left drinking? w00t!
Just a passing thot :
The pic of ABC's jeans is really very kool...The way it has been photographed ..the pic looks really like the pic u see in the ad of some jeans..Good work with the new Sony ,Rathz!!
raj alakshendra said…
say thanx 2 me too since i took the pic ... my touch... btw i too noticed nw only that it looks like a tv ad... ha ha ha
Unknown said…
yeah we can still come across various antics in our bunch..

atri sure kept me laughing in jsr..

btw mannu apan ka camera itna mast hai ki koi bhi use karein mast foto aaati hai ;-)
Mannubhai-The Madman's back wid a sexyy idea -Why not let all of us know what's the weirdiest & whackiest acts we bunch of weirdos have done or incidentally got done..Soon you are going to receive a small mail from me..Each of you is requested to reply back & I'll consolidate all the mails into a post..I m sure we are gonna have great fun!!!
raj alakshendra said…
Sahi hai. Laage raho mannubhai bhai. What an idea sir
@ Mann
This I'm sure is just an excuse for you to tell us what nonsense you've been up to lately and a very clever way to get Gandhi to spill the beans on his latest kaand!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sakshi said…
Now... this is a great great idea...!!! Mannu...with the kind of rep that you all have do you guys think... one post to all is ok?
Maybe it should be 1 post per person...!!! :)

I think u all r game for it!! I just wanna the gmail ids of chiru & debu so that I can include them in this shit..:-) This is gonna be LEGENDARY .
@ Mann
You should have said:
"This is going to be LEGEN.. wait for it.. DARY!"

hahaha..I loved that dialogue ..I seriously love it when Marshall says it again & again in "How I met your mother"..Too gud he's is..A screwedup head ..

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